April 8 2009

Episode 125: It’s International Trombone Week!




Happy International Trombone Week, everybody!



Colleen Wheeler wrote to remind us that April 5-12

is THE WEEK to celebrate all things TROMBONE (Thanks, Colleen!)

 There’s more info here:


 How will YOU celebrate?

 We’d love to know, so please write us.


Trombone Love to Y’all






April 4 2009

Episode 124: B.A.C. Horns (Mike Corrigan and Dave Joyce)

Mike Corrigan is a Master Craftsman, trained at Red Wing and a former apprentice of Steve Shires. He really has a passion for restoring/modifying/building trombones. It's very inspiring to talk with someone with such knowledge and passion. I thank Dave Joyce for setting up this iChat visit wherein Mike enlightens me on lots of topics!

He is presently starting a new line of small-bore "commercial" trombones. You may have noticed the very unique trombone that Elliot Mason's been playing lately.....that's Mike's creation.

Some of the innovations and features he's adding to these horns I found most fascinating. I know you'll enjoy meeting him! I sure did. Thanks so much, Dave and Mike. Great to meet you and I can't wait to visit the shop in KC.

You can visit their shop on the Web, too, to learn more:


Watch Now: