Wow! Has it really been this long since my last post? I blame that all on FaceBook. Please, if you're a fan of these Podcasts and NOT a friend of mine on FaceBook, send a request! It so happens that FB allows for many things I originally intended for these podcasts. Video and timely content can be so quickly and easily posted there. I do not intend to stop doing the podcasts, though. This format has it's advantages, too, of course.

Anyhoo...........the KSU Alumni and Friends Brass Band (also on FB!), has had a wonderful inaugural season. On March 2, 2012, in the FABULOUS Bailey Center on campus at Kennesaw State University, we held out third, and penultimate, concert of the season. This Podcast episode is the mp3 version of the entire show.  We were very thankful that The Boston Brass agreed to sit in with us (because THEY ARE COOL LIKE THAT!), and on ONE rehearsal (really, half a rehearsal).....this is what we all did. I've never been so honored as to stand before this entourage of excellence, ladies and gentlemen. I am thankful to everyone involved and really looking forward to our next show:


In the Band Shell,outdoor amphitheater (!),  at KSU.

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Here is the Program from the Concert on March 2, 2012:


Listen Now: